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This article contains content that has not yet been added to the game in the SEA server but has been released in other servers.
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This article contains a list of features that are not yet released in the Dragon Nest SEA server but have been released in servers that receive updates earlier than SEA (e.g., China and Korea servers). The list is gathered from players of other servers and Freedomplays, as well as speculations across the community. (This article will not cover monthly costume releases; instead, refer to this thread on unreleased costume sets.)

Disclaimer Edit

Being part of this list does not guarantee that everything will be released. The decision lies solely with the developers and publishers of the game.

Ongoing discussion about yet-to-be-released content can be found on the official forums (thread link).

Unreleased Content by Patch Date Edit

NOTE: The dates below are based on DN KR release notes.

January 5, 2017 Edit

  • Nightmare Stage Update (Nightmare Stage 5)
    • Only bosses will be present.
  • Nightmare Store Update
    • Talisman Evolution Cube allows existing rare-grade talisman to be evolved into epic-grade talisman.
  • Engraving Transfer System
  • Point System
    • Wonderful Theme Park Coupons, Battlefield Fighter's Gold Coin, Master's Silver Coin Goddess's Sparkle, Goddess's Lament, Mark of Erosion will be replaced by a point system where they can be tracked on your character page.
  • Master-Apprentice System Update
    • Existing rewards for masters and apprentices, such as Willpower Fragment, Plate Pouch and Space Cube, will be replaced by Master-Apprentice points, which can then be used to purchase varying items.

December 8, 2016 Edit

November 3, 2016 Edit

April 6, 2016 Edit

  • Legendary-grade equipment changes - Set bonus removed; stat adjustments; Final Damage bonus upon enhancement

Miscellaneous Unreleased Content Edit

Released on 90 Cap Edit

  • Level Cap EXP bonus - Increases EXP gained by non-capped characters by 500% if there are 5 characters at current level cap
  • Hot Sands Desert Dragon Nest Revive limit increased

Released on 93 Cap Edit

  • Unique or S Grade Costumes
  • Increased character creation slots per account to 40
  • Advanced Item Protection Magic Jelly
  • Enhancement transfer for Evolution Coma and Evolution Nightmare equipment
  • Costume Cloning System - Allows desired costume combinations to be saved for later access

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