Viscount Arlento
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown
Occupation Nobleman
Current Location Abandoned Welton Hollow
Status Deceased; killed by Dragon Followers
Additional Information

Viscount Arlento was one of the nobles who reside inside Saint Haven Castle. He was suspected to be a Dragon Follower by the mysterious robber White Rose, and this was later confirmed after the viscount falls in the hands of the Dragon Followers.


Arlento has the image of a true noble: well-dressed, having a perfect posture, and having an air of nobility around him. He shows a particular distaste in seeing adventurers running around the halls of Saint Haven Castle, and has difficulty in trusting people who do not belong to the nobility.


The Viscount and White RoseEdit


Arlento's final message was a haphazardly-written message with the words "Abandoned Welton Hollow" and "save me" written on it. General Douglas was able to acquire this letter, and he ordered the Player to begin a rescue mission on Abandoned Welton Hollow. However, the Player failed to make it on time; by the time the Player reached where Arlento is, he had already been executed by Dragon Followers.

The death of Viscount Arlento in the hands of the Dragon Followers baffles General Douglas as soon as he received the report about the incident. This reveals information about how Dragon Followers treat deserters and traitors, and would later shed some light about the events behind the death of Lena's parents.

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