Vision Orb I

Recommended Level


Prerequisite Quest

Bizarre Aura

Succeeding Quest

Understanding the Vision Orb


  • Talk to Master Cleric Leonard
    • Show Cleric's Rosary to Master Cleric Leonard in Mana Ridge.
    • Mana Ridge -> Master Cleric Leonard
  • Talk to Cleric Jake
    • The Vision Orb may be in danger! Go see Cleric Jake.
    • Frost Hill -> Cleric Jake
  • Talk to Master Sorceress Cynthia
    • You got Cleric Jake to check Parelina's Resting Place for you! It's time to kick back for a but before returning to Master Sorceress Cynthia.
    • Mana Ridge -> Master Sorceress Cynthia
  • Talk to Cleric Jake towards Frost Hill
    • You were caught loafing. Better talk to Cleric Jake towards Frost Hll again.
    • Frost Hill -> Cleric Jake
  • Talk to Sorceress Julia towards Blizzard Plain
    • Sorceress Julia, who has been injured, is still in Blizzard Plain. Meet Sorceress Julia in Blizzard Plain.
    • Blizzard Plain -> Sorceress Julia


EXP 4000

2 Silver Coins

89 Copper Coins

+6 Prelude Muffs

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