Wailing Wall
Location Lava River, near Anu Arendel
Race/s Helizards
Boss Kripcut of Boiling Flames
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 75
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Kripcut of Boiling Flames

Wailing Wall is a Level 75 dungeon located in Lava River near Anu Arendel. It is a popular grinding dungeon for characters between Levels 75 and 80.

Overview Edit

Stage 1: Evildogs and Helizards Edit

The dungeon begins with two groups: a small pack of Evildogs, followed by a larger group of Helizards, including a Tepopo that can has an aura that removes buffs from players who step on it. The Tepopo must be eliminated from a distance for convenience, although the Tepopo's aura does not remove all buffs like the effects of Telesia's Elixir.

Stage 2: Helizards and Magma Shooters Edit

After diving to a depression, the next encounter involves a group of Helizards and two Magma Shooters. The Helizards are easy to dispatch, but the Magma Shooters can throw players off the ground by spitting at them and killing the Magma Shooters releases shockwaves in four directions perpendicular to the current facing direction of the dead Magma Shooter.

Stage 3: Crocker Edit

Following the Helizard encounter is a large Crocker that fights like a Paladin, except with fire-attribute skills, and a large group of Kobolds that throw incendiary bombs to players. The bombs must be avoided or cured away, while care must be taken to keep Crocker from pinning players into the stone cliffs.

Stage 4: Kripcut of Boiling Flames Edit

  • Tremor Line: Kripcut pounds its fists on the ground, creating two lines of broken earth in the front. Is often cast at the beginning of the encounter.
  • Leap: Propels itself towards the nearest player, causing knockdown.
  • Fiery March: Kripcut causes lava to erupt from the current position of target player while approaching that player. The erupting lava spawns on the player's feet occurs three times.
  • Whirlwind: Spins and causes damage to nearby enemies.

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