The warehouse, also known as storage, is a service which allows a player to transfer his/her character's items and gold from that character's inventory to a separate storage location. This helps the player in freeing up inventory slots to accommodate items, whether for dungeon runs or during transactions, and in allocating gold.

NPCs which offer warehouse services are called Warehouse Managers, and can be found in most towns in Lagendia.


A character's warehouse can be accessed by talking to the Warehouse Manager in that town. The service itself is free, and by default can store a maximum of 20 items (including expansions given for free by Leveling Rewards) and a maximum gold storage limit of up to 99999 gold. Items that can be transferred to a warehouse include items that are neither Cash Items nor Quest Items, and items that have the tag Binds when Obtained can be safely placed in a warehouse.

As of Version 64, items stored in the warehouse can be automatically sorted according to type using the "Sort Items" button located in the warehouse window.


By default, a character is given only ten storage slots, which is expanded to 15 and 20 slots when the character reaches levels 15 and 20 respectively. In order to further expand a character's storage space, one may purchase the Cash Item [Expansion Storage Box] to add slots to one's storage, up to a maximum of 150 slots.


  • Patch Version 64: An "auto sort" function has been added to the Personal and Guild Storage menus for greater convenience and ease of use.

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