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Npc right cian
Gender Male
Race Human
Starter Town Prairie Town
True Name Xian
Alias "Blood Destroyer"
Relatives Lambert (father)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Voiced by Jeong Seon-hye (Korean)
Ai Nonaka (Japanese)
Kyle McCarley (English NA)
Additional Information

The Warrior is a specialist in physical melee combat.


Quick and agile, the Warrior relies on fast-paced melee combos! The Warrior comes from Ironwood Forest. Legend has it that he was brought to the town as an infant by his mother under mysterious circumstances. Even as a young boy, he was always quick and strong. As he grew, he found himself easily outstripping his peers in the arts of war. In his heart though, he always longed for the truth of his birth and his lineage and now finds himself on a path of personal discovery.


Losing his mother and abandoned by his father at a young age, the Warrior starts his long journey to become the "greatest warrior ever", hoping that someday he will cross paths with his father once again.

Noted WarriorsEdit

As a Non-Player CharacterEdit

If not selected as a Player Character, the role of the Warrior in the game will be taken over by Xian. He appears in a series of side quests when playing as an Archer, or in several of the story quests when playing as an Academic. Like the Player character, Xian is seeking for his father Lambert, and will sometimes make remarks about it when spoken to.


Xian's scar
  • He has a scar under his left eye.
  • Met Triana at Prairie Town at the beginning of the storyline, and they have been together ever since. Xian has commented that he considers himself a burden to Triana.
  • He is the only main character that becomes Argenta's slave.
  • He seems to be the one who trusts Ignacio the most, as he gets very irritated every time the Academic suggests that he should not trust him.
  • He does the mission that involves retrieving a piece of Velskud's wing from Dark Overlord Tower for Ignacio's ritual by himself.
  • Along with Edan and Angelica, he goes on a mission to retrieve the Ancient's Scroll from Stitchy at Explosion Zone in Withered Leaves Forest to complete Ignacio's ritual.
  • Along with Triana, he is the one who accompanies Geraint to Captain Darlant's Ship to confirm the rebirth of Serpentra, witnessing Geraint's death. They both get infected with Serpentra's blood, but he is more concerned about Triana due to him considering himself a burden to her, and feeling at fault for Geraint's death. Xian then requests the Academic for her help to make a medicine to delay Triana's symptoms.



For a complete list of the skills available for this class, see Warrior Skills.
  • Strong Physical Attack
  • Ability to dash
  • Fast and furious combos
  • Normal defense


For a complete list of equipment available for this class, see Warrior Equipment.


  • Sword Master
  • Mercenary
  • Destroyer
At level 15 all classes have the possibility of specializing in the abilities they desire, later powering them up further as they level up. The following are the specializations available for the Warrior class.

Sword MasterEdit

For a complete list of the skills available for this class, see Skills: Sword Master.

Sword Masters are one of the faster attackers of the game. Relying more on magical attack, they can inflict damage while having enough time to avoid enemy attacks. They also have a variety of debuffs, and have both passive and an active abilities which enable them to block enemy attacks with the use of their sword. Their main weapon is the Sword.

At level 45 a Sword Master can become a Gladiator, fit for close range combat and improved evasion, or a Moon Lord who instead fives up part of his close-range abilities for mid- and long-range combat. Gladiators get Triple Slash EX while Moon Lords get Moon Light Splitter EX.


For a complete list of the skills available for this class, see Skills: Mercenary.

Some of the Mercenary's skills are slower than other classes, but compensate them by dealing large amounts of physical damage. They also posses supportive skills both to debuff their enemies and buff their teammates. Their combo abilities are normally limited by the slowness of their weapons and skill frames. Their main weapons are Axe and Hammer.

At level 45 a Mercenary can become a Barbarian, improving their damage, or a Destroyer who instead focuses on knocking down enemies. Barbarian players get Stomp EX while those who go for Destroyer get Flying Swing EX.


In other localizationsEdit

Badness Basher

North American alias instead of "Blood Destroyer"


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