Equipment OverviewEdit


  • Sword - Quick swing speed. Has a fairly short reach. Attacks can't hit knocked down enemies. Most balance between Physical and Magical Attack out of all warrior weapons however still focuses more on Physical Attack. Flings enemy at the final swing, enabling a continuous combo.
  • Axe - Moderate swing speed. Its third and final swing is a spinning attack, easily hitting many targets around him at once. Axes have higher critical rate and more stable damage compared to Hammers.
  • Hammer - Slow swing speed. Its third swing will launch target to a great height and its fourth and final swing is a slow ground pound that deals AoE damage and knocks enemies away. Hammers have higher stun rate compared to Axes, but very unstable damage.
  • Gauntlet - The secondary weapon for the warrior, providing additional attack power. This enables the use of Parry Stance for Sword Masters.


  • Helmet
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Nest SetsEdit

  • [Level 24] Elf Queen's Corps Set
  • [Level 32] Cerberus Set
  • [Level 40] Manticore Set
  • [Level 40] Apocalypse Set
  • [Level 50] Ancient Totem Set
  • [Level 50] Immortal Set
  • [Level 60] Dangerous Desire Set
  • [Level 60] Twisted Obsession Set
  • [Level 60] Honourable Tribe Set
  • [Level 60] Great Ancestor Set
  • [Level 70] Full Moon Maple Set
  • [Level 70] New Moon Maple Set
  • [Level 70] Crescent Maple Set
  • [Level 80] Asteroid Lancea Set
  • [Level 80] Meteor Lancea Set
  • [Level 80] Comet Lancea Set

Raid Nest SetsEdit

  • [Level 40] Sea Dragon Set
  • [Level 50] Green Dragon Set
  • [Level 60] Desert Dragon Set
  • [Level 70] Black Dragon Set
  • [Level 80] Red Dragon Set
  • [Level 90] Ice Dragon Set

Rare Rarity SetsEdit

Magic Rarity SetsEdit

Normal Rarity SetsEdit

[Level 1] Prelude set (only goes to +6 enhancement)

[Level 5] Vintage set

PvP SetsEdit

[Level 24] Challenger set

[Level 32] Hustler set

[Level 40] Arena fighter set

[Level 50] Victor/Hero set

[Level 60] Bloody fighter

[Level 70] Savior/Glory Set

[Level 80] Ruler Set

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