Ability ListEdit

Icon Skill Req. Level Req. Skills
Impact Punch Impact Punch 1 N/A
Heavy Slash Heavy Slash 1 N/A
File:Blink.png Tumble 1 N/A
File:Heel Attack.png Elbow Drop 1 N/A
Rising Slash Rising Slash 3 N/A
File:Slap Attack.png Side Kick 1 N/A
File:Counter Spell.png Wake Attack 6 N/A
Impact Wave Impact Wave 1 N/A
File:Hammer Strike.png Drop Kick 4 N/A
File:Poor Kick.png Soccer Kick 6 N/A
Circle Break Circle Break 8 N/A
Dash Dash 10 N/A
Dash Kick Dash Kick 12 Dash Level 1
Sweeping Kick Sweeping Kick 8 Side Kick Level 1
Aerial Evasion Aerial Evasion 14 N/A
Mental Mastery Mental Mastery 20 N/A
Highlander Highlander 34 N/A
Physical Mastery Physical Mastery 20 N/A
Relieve Relieve 30 N/A
Mind Conquer Mind Conquer 30 Mental Mastery Level 1

Sword MasterEdit


Image Name Level Requirement
Triple Slash
Triple Slash 15 Warrior SP more than 20
Dash Slash
Dash Slash 15 N/A
Parrying 16 Warrior SP more than 25
Moonlight Splitter
Moonlight Splitter 15 Warrior SP more than 20
Aerial Combo
Aerial Combo 18 N/A
Dash Combo
Dash Combo 18 Dash Slash Level 1,Warrior SP more than 25
Front Shove
Front Shove 20 Triple Slash Level 1
Eclipse 23 N/A
Counter Slash
Counter Slash 24 N/A
Cyclone Slash
Cyclone Slash 20 Moonlight Splitter Level 1
Hacking Stance
Hacking Stance 26 Front Shove Level 1,Warrior SP more than 35
Provoking Slam
Provoking Slam 30 Warrior SP more than 40
Counterwave 24 Parrying Stance Level 1
Crescent Cleave
Crescent Cleave 26 Cyclone Slash Level 1,Warrior SP more than 35
Line Drive 32 Hacking Stance Level 1
Parrying Stance
Parrying Stance 24 Parrying Level 1
Halfmoon Slash
Halfmoon Slash 32 Crescent Cleave Level 1
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge 40 Line Drive Level 1
Counter Exile
Counter Exile 38 N/A
Great Wave
Great Wave 40 Halfmoon Slash Level 1



Image Name Level Requirement
Stomp 15 Impact Punch Level 5
Taunting Howl
Taunting Howl 15 N/A
Flying Swing
Flying Swing 15 Heavy Slash Level 5
Dash Blow
Dash Blow 15 Dash Level 1
Demolition Fist
Demolition Fist 19 Stomp Level 2
Crisis Howl
Crisis Howl 18 N/A
Punishing Swing
Punishing Swing 19 Flying Swing Level 2
Toughness 19 N/A
Circle Swing
Circle Swing 26 Demolition Fist Level 3
Devitalizing Howl
Devitalizing Howl 23 N/A
Ring Bombs
Ring Bombs 26 Punishing Swing Level 3
Soccer Kick Combo
Soccer Kick Combo 22 Soccer Kick Level 1
Whirlwind 32 Circle Swing Level 3
Battle Howl
Battle Howl 30 Devitalizing Howl Level 1
Rolling Attack
Rolling Attack 32 Ring Bombs Level 3
Iron Skin
Iron Skin 29 N/A
Havoc Howl
Havoc Howl 36 N/A
Howl Charging
Howl Charging 30 Iron Skin Level 1
Cyclone Axe
Cyclone Axe 40

Whirlwind Level 3

Battle Howl Level 2

Gigantic Bomb
Gigantic Bomb 40

Rolling Attack Level 3

Iron Skin Level 2

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