Worlds are individual subdivisions of a server. When making a character, players have to consider which world it would join since each server has its own population, economy and, in some cases, event content.

Worlds Edit

Dragon Nest SEA began as four different worlds in 2011: Springwood, Holywood, Westwood and Greenwood. In 2 December 2014 he servers were combined forming Springwood-Holywood and Westwood-Greenwood, then in a latter date the server Blitzwood was created. Due to it's low population, Blitzwood was merged together with Westwood-Greenwood.

To prepare for the server transfer to Eyedentity Games and after a extensive hardware upgrade, all servers were merged together. After transfer, the "doors" to each server were removed and merged into one called Reef.

Currently ActiveEdit

  • Reef


  • Springwood
  • Holywood
  • Westwood
  • Greenwood
  • Blitzwood

Trivia Edit

  • Addison Kang has once revealed that Westwood was named after Westwood Studios, a video game company that developed real-time strategy games, particularly the Command & Conquer video game series.

Changelog Edit

  • Patch Version 239 : Springwood/Holywood/Greenwood/Westwood/Blitzwood removed and added Reef
  • Patch Version 237: Springwood-Holywood and Greenwood-Westwood-Blitzwood merged together.
  • February 14, 2017: Blitzwood merged with Greenwood and Westwood.
  • Patch Version 175: Added Blitzwood.
  • Patch Version 151: Holywood merged with Springwood; Greenwood merged with Westwood.
  • Pre-Release Patch Updates
    • August 11, 2011: Added Greenwood.
    • August 5, 2011: Open Beta launch; added Springwood, Holywood and Westwood.

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