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Npc right king yubaensiael
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age More than 500 years old
Hometown Anu Arendel
Occupation Archer
Apostle (formerly)
King of Elves
Current Location Tree of Life
Status Alive
Additional Information

Yuvenciel, also known as King Federeth, is a male elf — a rarity among the elves of Anu Arendel — and the guardian of the former elf queen Amaryllis. Despite being given the Telezia of acting as the guardian of the elf queen, he resisted this due to his feelings of love towards Amaryllis.

After abandoning his duties and his Telezia, he became a wandering Archer, and eventually joined the ranks of the Dragon Followers as one of its apostles. Apparently, he was admitted to the Seven Apostles for the sole purpose of acting as the key that would clear the road to the Monolith. Meanwhile, he continues to look back at his elven legacy, vowing to himself that he would give the elves the "freedom of death", in a twisted way of freeing the elves, especially Serensiel, from their lifelong mission.


Lotus MarshEdit

Yuvenciel is first mentioned by Karahan when the Archer goes to the Dragon Follower Base as part of the specialization quest.

Afterwards the Archer meets him after defeating the boss of East Armory. He had been watching her for some time now as she fought and frequently comments on how she resembles his deceased love. The archer brushes him off, finding him to be a bit creepy.

As the Archer journeys to the trainer in each town it is revealed that Yuvenciel was the guardian of the former Queen Amaryllis. He was madly in love with her and she seemed to have responded to some degree. Ultimately though, Amaryllis chose to become Queen which prevented them from being together. Upset, Yuvenciel left and most of the other elves presumed him to be dead.

In the end, Yuvenciel is the one who gives the Archer her specialization test.

Later on Velskud seeks Yuvenciel out for information. However, Yuvenciel only answers in riddles and just creates more questions. Here he makes the comment that "tthe King no longer needed an Ancient...". The player walks up and he casually greets them, saying he has heard about them and would like to get to know them more but he cannot stay. If it happens to be the archer he says he longs to spend more time with her.


  • Yuvenciel appears in a wanted posted in the mission boards at Anu Arendel.
  • There are some board missions signed by Romantic Elf Y, where said individual explains that they see their past lover on every girl they met. The name suggests it could be Yuvenciel himself.

In other localizationsEdit


North American name


Russian for Yuvenciel


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